Personal Loans

If you are thinking about consolidating some debts, buying a new kitchen or taking a fantastic family holiday; or perhaps you need to cover some education fees or plan for a wedding - An unsecured Personal Loan is a flexible and convenient solution.

United Direct has a wide range of personal loans to suit your needs. Some of our personal loan lenders can help you save money by consolidating existing loans into one new loan at a lower interest rate. Why should you pay high rates on your credit cards when you could merge them into one new loan at a new rate? To reduce your monthly outgoings and increase your financial certainty into the future, a personal loan could be the perfect product.

Please ensure you have the following details available before you apply online:

  • Drivers Licence for each applicant
  • Home, Work and Mobile phone numbers
  • Financial Details - income and outgoings (rent or mortgage payments, other loans and credit card etc.)
  • Purpose of the loan

Apply Online

or download Agent Application Form (pdf)

or download Client Application Form (pdf)